Estes Law, P.C., is a boutique law practice located in Reno, Nevada, focusing on business and individual reorganizations, Chapter 7 liquidations, bankruptcy trustee representation, creditor’s rights and bankruptcy appellate practice.


Ms. Estes has successfully represented corporations, limited liability companies, individuals, partnerships, bankruptcy trustees, creditors and purchasers of bankruptcy estate assets in Chapter 11 reorganization and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases.


Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in the State of Nevada and the State of California, and are admitted to practice before the United States Bankruptcy Courts, the United States Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Ninth Circuit, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of the United States.


“Even though I did not have Holly as my lawyer, the experience that we had with her was worth my time writing a review. We came to her on the eve of a very critical situation. The attention this woman showed us was nothing short of amazing. I can honestly say that this was by far the best lawyer experience I’ve ever had. If you’re looking for a lawyer that is smart, proactive, caring and angelic in nature, then Holly Estes is the attorney you want. Trust me.”

Rome' Le Grange • Consultation

“Holly took my [business’] case while an associate was out of the country on vacation and a competing plan was submitted in my company’s chapter 11 bankruptcy. A hostile take over was about to happen and she jumped in, rolled up her sleeves and helped save it!”

Jo - Owner of Chapter 11 Client

“Holly is an effective and clear communicator and a powerful advocate for her client’s interests. She is very efficient and worked with me to set priorities for our cases. She has a thorough knowledge of the bankruptcy code and a creative approach to problem solving. She is very comfortable in the courtroom and, win or lose, I’ve always been glad to have her on my side.”

Anonymous • Client

“Holly was extremely thorough and well prepared when we went to court. She was a ‘pit bull’ when opposing counsel tried to make excuses for the failure of their clients to follow the court’s requests.”

Bob • Client

“Holly Estes is very ethical, and clearly understood the difficult circumstances in my company’s bankruptcy case. With her help and expertise we were able to end with the best possible outcome. There were 2 other lawyers helping in my case, but Holly clearly stood above the rest. Without Holly taking the time to listen to my perspective, advocating for [my company], and making the team stick to her strategy, I strongly believe that my [company’s] case would have ended badly [-] many jobs and 30 years of hard work would have been lost. Holly made moving forward for my company possible again.”

Gabriel • Owner of Client

“Holly Estes is a very thorough, professional attorney who was always well prepared during my recent legal challenges. Her ability to think on her feet and her courage to ask the difficult questions was very much appreciated during our litigation process. Her knowledge of the law was not only helpful, but it was also very clear to me that the opposing attorney could see that they had their work cut out for them.

I would recommend Ms. Estes to anyone searching for an attorney who is well versed and compassionate about the law.”

Doug • Client

“Holly has represented [my business] for 4 years in a corporate bankruptcy reorganization. She has been diligent and knowledgeable and obtained a court-approved plan of reorganization for us.”

John • Owner of Client


Our office often works together with a team of leading experts, including accountants and appraisal experts, in order to give our clients the highest quality representation possible.